Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable department is responsible for processing payments to University suppliers.  If you are making a payment to TCU please see payment options.

The Accounts Payable department is located in The Harrison Suite 2102C. Office hours are weekdays, 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.
Address: TCU Box 297011
Fort Worth, TX 76129

TCU employees are encouraged to utilize the Buying and Paying Guide before making a purchase. This guide represents commonly purchased goods and services, best purchasing methods, and related expenditure types. It is not a complete list. In each of the categories, all efforts should be made to purchase goods and services using the advised method.

General Information

Supplier Qualification Form

Foreign Draft Guidelines and Submission Process

INVOICES: Direct questions regarding supplier invoices to the following individuals:

Lindsey Rios ( Vendors A – K

Liz Castillo ( Vendors L – Z

Kathy Brandon ( Student refunds, stipends, athlete room and board, honorariums, payments to individuals- including security and game officials. Stop payment requests, foreign drafts, wires, and Invoices related to contracted services

Alexis Trejo ( Reimbursements & EAR inquiries for employees last names L-Z

Leslie Bast ( Reimbursements & EAR inquiries for employees, last names A-K

Abby Wood ( International Reporting, 1099, Schedule K, invoice submission assistance

Ali Rattan ( All AP questions not specifically identified

Non-System Payment Process

Departments should follow the procedure below until migration to Jaggaer.  See Jaggaer Resources for info.  All payment submissions must be sent electronically.  Departments should email approved and coded invoices, honorariums, and check requests to and reimbursements, including visitor reimbursements to Submissions will be processed first in, first out.  Processing times are approximately two weeks.

Department bills must be approved for payment by affixing the budget codes on the original invoice and obtaining the budget manager’s signature. Send the approved invoice to Accounts Payable. Do not send statements or balance forward notices in place of an invoice. If necessary, call the company for a replacement invoice. Retain a copy of invoices submitted for payment in your department file marked with the date submitted. Do not budget stamp the remittance copy or packing slip.

Weekly Check Printing

The TCU Accounts Payable department processes all supplier payments on weekly check runs. The weekly check run begins on Thursday morning.  If you have an emergency payment and must have a check prior to the weekly Pay Cycle, you must have the written approval of your department’s Vice-Chancellor.

To Submit Requests for Payment for Services Rendered

If the service is being furnished by a TCU employee, payment will be included on that employee’s payroll check. Non-employees will be paid via Accounts Payable check. Always include the payee’s name, social security number, and complete permanent mailing address. Suppliers must provide an invoice for services rendered. The payment is taxable income and must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

To Submit Request for Payment Enclosed Orders

TCU AP can no longer accommodate requests to include payment enclosures with checks.  Please work with vendors for alternative methods to communicate enclosure information.

To Pick Up A Requested Check in The Harrison, Suite 2100

All supplier checks must be mailed by the TCU Accounts Payable Department unless an exception is documented and approved by a Vice-Chancellor.  If approved, please include VC approval along with a completed Vendor Check Disbursement Authorization Form with your payment request.  Additionally, indicate in the body of the email submission to AP, that check is to be picked up. AP will notify you when the check is available for pickup.