Business Procedures Manual2015-04-16_16-33-01

The Business Procedures of TCU are reviewed annually during the audit process.  Department supervisors review each narrative for accuracy, and updates are integrated into the policies as necessary. Every Director and every Administrator with financial related responsibility is expected to be familiar with and operate within the parameters of these procedures and guidelines.

Accounts Payable Procedures
Contract Signature Authority
Purchasing Card Manual
Reimbursement for University Related Business Expenses
Technology Resources Acquistion Policy
Cash Depositing Procedures
Credit Card Data Security Procedures
Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit
Wire Transfer Requests
International Draft Requests
Asset Disposal Policy
Policy for Reimbursement for University Related Business Expenses
Procedure for Reimbursement of University Related Business Expenses
IRS Compliance Policy
Air Travel Policy for Reimbursement
Automobile Travel Policy for Reimbursement
Combined Business and Personal Travel Policy
Companion Travel Policy
Meals and Lodging Policy for Reimbursement
Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses Policy
Travel Expenses as Income Policy
Valid Business Purpose Travel Policy
Contributions or Donations Policy
Credit Card Policy
Expense Advance Policy
Gifts, Gift Certificates, Awards, and/or Prizes Policies and Procedures
Grant or Contract Expense Reimbursement Policy
Gratuities Reimbursement Policy
Payments for Services Policy
Purchasing Procedures
Sales and Occupancy Tax Policy
Shared Expenses