Cash and Check Deposits without Departmental Deposit Card Procedures


  • Complete the TCU Departmental Deposit Form for all deposits with financial assistants in Student Financial Services, located in The Harrison, Suite 1403.
  • Be sure to specify a contact name and phone number on the form.
  • Please do not deposit gifts (Accounts 4260, 4261, and 4290) with the financial assistants. All gifts to any department must be processed through Gift Processing in Development Information Services. Please take any gifted cash or checks to the Advancement staff located in The Harrison, Suite 3300.
  • Please do not deposit to restricted funds (Funds beginning with 6xxxx) with the financial assistants. Restricted funds are for gift receipting only and all deposits to them must be processed through Gift Processing in Development Information Services.
  • All cash, checks, and credit card receipts must be deposited with the financial assistants in a timely manner.
      • All receipts totaling $500 or more must be deposited on the day received or the next business day.
      • All other amounts must be deposited at least weekly.
  • The financial assistants must recount all cash deposits in your presence and verify the cash total amount recorded on the Departmental Deposit Form at the time the deposit is made. The financial assistants will verify the deposit amounts before making the deposit with the bank.

Cash and Check Deposits Directly at a Chase Bank with Departmental Deposit Card Procedures

Use this guide when depositing directly at the Chase bank utilizing the departmental deposit card issued by Financial Services.  All U.S. currency can be directly deposited at any Chase bank location; however, the use of the branch at the corner of University and Bellaire is highly encouraged. Departments have the option of using the ATM or cashier at any Chase branch.

Direct Deposit Card Guidelines

Deposit Instructions for Cash and Checks:

  1. Complete the “Departmental Deposit Form” electronically issued after the Financial Services training. The calculated subtotal on the deposit form must equal the total of the cash and checks. Make note of the total of cash and checks for reference when depositing at the bank.
  2. Endorse the back of the checks with the stamp provided by Financial Services. Neither the Chase cashier nor the ATM will accept an un-endorsed check.
  3. RECOMMENDED: Scan the checks into a pdf file.  Even though this is an optional step, the checks will not be available for department inquiries after they are physically deposited at the bank.
  4. Organize the cash and checks to enable easy physical depositing at the bank. Place cash and checks in a sealed or secure envelope or bag. Take the cash and checks to the bank.
  5. Deposit the cash and/or checks per instructions from departmental cardholder training.
  6. Take and keep the deposit receipt from the bank Chase cashier / ATM.
  7. Write the name of your department on the front of the bank receipt. This will allow easier identification of the supporting documents for any research purposes.
  8. After returning to the office from the bank, scan the deposit document from the bank received in the steps above.
  9. Ensure the total cash and check deposit amount matches the same on the Departmental Deposit Form. If it does not, contact
  10. Scan any additional support for the deposit into a pdf. This would include any checks that have been returned.
  11. Email together with the Excel version of the Departmental Deposit Form, the deposit receipt from the bank, and the additional supporting documents to by 3:00 p.m. the same day the deposit is made.
  12. Ensure deposits are added to the department’s revenue in the delivered monthly reports from Financial Services. Contact for any amounts not recorded.

Some additional information includes:

  • The PIN will be needed in coordination with the deposit card.
  • There is no limit to the number of deposits that can be done daily.
  • The internal cut-off time for TCU to make daily deposits is 3:00 p.m.; however, please be aware that deposits up to midnight at the bank could be included in the department’s transactions.
  • For the ATM, the maximum number of physical monetary bills is 200 per deposit.
  • For the ATM, the maximum number of physical checks is 30 per deposit.
  • Deposits that are beyond the maximums noted in the two items above for the ATM should be taken to the Chase cashier.
  • Deposits that include coins must be made with the Chase cashier.

Please note that any returned checks will be credited to your account and department.

The departmental deposit card is tied directly to the University’s bank account.

Contact to report any lost, stolen, or cards that need to be canceled due to changes in cardholder status.