The cashiers are located in Room 2011, Sadler Hall. Office hours are weekdays, 8:30am to 4pm.


Fax817-257-7733Make Tuition Payment
AddressTCU Box 297011
Ft. Worth, TX 76129


The cashiers can assist you in the following areas:

A valid TCU I.D. is required.
There is a $100 limit per day.
No third-party checks are accepted.
& Payments:
Departmental deposits are receipted by the cashiers.
The cashiers accept insurance payments.
Student payments are applied to the student account by the cashiers.
Reimbursements:Reimbursement checks for employees, students, etc., are disbursed by the cashiers. To pick up a check, you must show a valid TCU ID or sign for the check.
The cashiers issue travel advances to TCU employees conducting official university business.
Requests for travel advances must be authorized by the appropriate department head and submitted to Jocelyn Rust in Financial Services.
Employees must present a valid TCU ID.
Requests for travel reimbursements must be submitted on a
TCU Reimbursement Form with all receipts attached.
Affix the department proper codes on the Reimbursement Form and obtain budget manager's signature.
Reimbursements will be issued in the form of a check and held at the cashiers' window until picked up.
Room and Board checks for athletes are released by
the cashiers. Please present a valid TCU I.D.
Credit Card
The cashiers accept personal credit card payments for
retirees insurance and miscellaneous payments-- in person or by phone (817-257-7842).