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Contract Questions

  • For questions regarding contract status, whether a contract is required, a determination of whether a document is considered a contract for TCU business purposes please send an email to

Cobblestone System & IT Support

  • For questions regarding Cobblestone system issues, use, or troubleshooting, please send an email to  Note: The Cobblestone system is not compatible with some versions of Safari on the Macintosh. Please use Chrome or Firefox as an alternative.

Request Addition of Vendor/Company to Cobblestone

Request Access to Cobblestone

  • If you need access to the Cobblestone system, please complete this form. You will receive an email with a copy of the form once you submit the information

IT Contracts Review Questionnaire

  • Please work with your IT vendor to answer these questions.  You and/or the vendor may mark as n/a (not applicable) any questions which do not apply to your proposed contract or engagement.  Should you or the vendor have any questions about this questionnaire please contact Bryan Lucas. Access the questionnaire here.