Departmental Deposit Procedures

Departmental Responsibilities:

  • Complete the online TCU Departmental Deposit Form for all deposits with the cashiers.
  • Access the TCU Departmental Deposit Form at .
  • Be sure to specify a department name, contact name, and phone number on the Departmental Deposit form.
  • Use only the official TCU Credit Card Payment Forms distributed by the Financial Services office to collect and transmit credit card data.
  • Record the number of checks and number of TCU credit card payment forms on the Departmental Deposit Form.
  • Record the separate dollar amounts for cash, check, and credit card deposit totals on the Departmental Deposit Form.
  • Sign the completed Departmental Deposit Form and place all credit card payment forms in a secure bank bag. Cash and checks also may be transmitted in a secure bank bag.
  • Lock the bank bag containing credit card payment forms or any other type of deposit.
  • Hand deliver the deposit, which includes the properly completed TCU Departmental Deposit Form and the locked bank bag for credit card deposits, to the TCU cashiers in a timely manner, as defined below:
  • All credit card and check deposits must be delivered to the TCU Cashiers on a daily basis.
    • All cash deposits totaling $100 or more must be delivered to the TCU Cashiers on the day received or the next business day.
    • All other cash deposits must be delivered to the TCU Cashiers at least weekly.
    • Any deposits not delivered on the day received must be locked in a secure location that only can be accessed by authorized personnel.
  • Verify that the cashiers unlock the bank bag and recount all cash deposits and verify the total numbers of check and credit card transactions recorded on the Departmental Deposit Form.
  • Receive the unlocked bank bag from the cashiers and return the bag to the department.
  • Do not transmit cash, check, or credit card deposits or deposit information via interoffice mail, email, fax, or the Internet.