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  • e-Z Bill is TCU’s version of electronic billing for student account charges.

What are the benefits of e-Z Bill?

  • 24/7 access
  • Access to current and previous bills in one location
  • Secure site
  • Printer friendly version
  • Students can give billing access to more than one person
  • Helps TCU “go green”

How will I know when online bills are available each month?

  • Financial Services will send an e-mail around the 12th of the month noting that bills are ready to view online.

How do I get access to online bills?

  • Students will automatically have access to online bills via my.tcu.edu.
  • Students are responsible for granting parents or other responsible parties access to e-Z Bill.

How do students grant others access to online bills?

  • Log on to my.tcu.edu.
  • Click on the Grant Access to Others icon.
  • Enter the information for the person responsible for paying the bill and then under “Access Type,” check the E-Bill/Student Account Info box and click save.

How many parties can have access to online bills?

  • Students can grant access to up to three other parties.

How often do students have to set up access for others?

  • Students only have to set up access one time. They can change access at any time, though.  For security reasons, your student will have to periodically change your password.

How will parents or others know that they have received access?

  • After students grant access, parents or other responsible parties will receive a confirmation e-mail with a username and password.  Please keep this information in a secure location.

How will parents access online bills?

  • e-Z Bill can be accessed online using the username and password provided in the confirmation email.

What if parents already have access to online financial aid or student record information, but not student account information?

  • Students must grant access to E-Bill/Student Account Info to give parents or others access to online bills.

What if the parent’s email address changes?

  • Students can update recipient email addresses at any time.

Are online bills secure?

  • Online bills will be posted on a secure, password-protected site. Only students and those individuals that students grant access to can access the site.