Expense Advance Policy296836507_a18d371550_b

A faculty or staff member may request an “expense advance” for University related expenses in lieu of using personal funds.  This advance will be charged to the individual’s employee account receivable (EAR) and must be cleared by the submission of a properly completed reimbursement form.

Any advance drawn in excess of the actual expenses incurred should be returned to the Financial Services Office within five (5) business days of the traveler’s return.  The individual’s personal check or a copy of a TCU cashier’s receipt showing payment to the EAR must accompany the reimbursement form.

An expense advance should not be requested for expenses that can be paid directly by the University (i.e., supplies and certain travel expenses).  Expense advances not settled within 30 days after the expense is incurred may be deducted from the person’s paycheck. Unsettled expense advances for terminating employees may be deducted from the final paycheck.

Employees must sign a TCU expense advance form (Request for Travel Advance Form) that acknowledges their understanding of these policies prior to disbursement of the expense advance.

Expense advances must be processed as follows:

  1. Requests for expense advances must be approved by the appropriate budget manager and submitted in writing to the Financial Services Office at least five business days before the date the funds are needed.
  1. After that time, expense advances will be available from the cashiers in the Financial Services Office. All expense advances will be issued in cash, unless the expense advance request specifies the need for a check.
  1. Expense advances are charged to the employee who signs for the cash.