Facilities Finance and Business Operations

The Facilities Finance and Business Operations department provides asset management, customer service, financial management, procurement, technical services, and university fleet management for the facilities organization.

Asset Management Group manages data acquisition and ensures data fidelity of Facilities’ fixed assets, analyzes and evaluates the maintenance and repair history, and works closely with our facility maintenance teams to assess asset reliability. This group is responsible for facility condition assessments and building audits as necessary. With over $2 billion in facility assets, this team plays a critical role in prioritizing asset replacements for capital investment. In addition, the asset management group is responsible for maintaining space data, drawing and document management, and transitioning our campus to a Geographic Information System (GIS) structure.

Customer Service Center is responsible for work request induction from campus customers, customer work order close-out follow-up, and the 24/7 monitoring of building automation systems and fire alarm systems. The Customer Service Center also issues office keys to new faculty and staff. See Customer Service for additional details.

Facilities Finance provides financial oversight. The facilities organization at any point in time oversees +$50 – $150 million annual spend, depending upon the level of major construction. This team ensures financial accuracy of our records, provides financial analysis and reporting, works with management to build budgets and to ensure adequate controls are in place to safeguard assets. This team also supports the university capital budget process, prepares all capital financial reports, and ensures compliance to major capital spending guidelines. Approximately 7500 invoices are processed annually through the finance office, as well as chargebacks to various campus departments for warehouse supplies and facility-related improvements. Contact facilityaccounting@tcu.edu with invoicing concerns or chargeback questions.

Facilities Procurement provides strategic sourcing, pricing negotiation for goods and services, and ensures healthy vendor competition for these goods and services. The team enhances supplier relationships, oversees the facilities diversity supplier plan, and ensures the adoption of best practices. All facility purchases $5,000 or greater and all high-risk purchases of any amount require review by the procurement team. Approximately, 3000 contracts and purchase orders are processed annually for the facilities organization. Vendors should email facilitiespurchasing@tcu.edu with inquiry.

Warehouse Operations is also part of the facilities procurement team. The warehouse maintains stock inventory of facility supplies (pipes, screws, etc.) to support maintenance and repair work, as well storage of consumables (toilet paper, roll towels, disinfectants, paint, masks, etc.). The team monitors inventory levels and processes stock purchase re-orders as necessary to ensure critical stock is always on-hand. Warehouse employees accept delivery of packages, confirm quantities, and issue goods to facility departments and other campus customers. The facilities warehouse manager also oversees the offsite storage facility.

Technical Services is responsible for maintaining and updating Facilities’ work/service request system also referred to as AiM, assessing and coordinating enterprise software interfaces between business lines, coordinating system security with new technology or software services, and facilitating and/or providing technical training. In addition, Technical Services supports Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) issues as needed and the management of handling hazardous building material within our legacy buildings.

Department Contacts

Everlyn M. Williams
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Finance and Business Operations
Office:  817-257-5276
Email:  e.m.williams@tcu.edu

Rebekah Atkinson
Director – Procurement
Office:  817-257-8309
Email:  r.j.atkinson@tcu.edu

Justin Botros
Assistant Director – Facilities Technology
Office:  817-257-4399
Email:  j.a.botros@tcu.edu

Chris Briones
Fleet Coordination / Fleet Pool
Office:  817-257-7957
Email:  m.c.briones@tcu.edu

Rob Glenn
Manager – Customer Service Center
Office:  817-257-5857
Email:  r.glenn@tcu.edu

Serisa Otey
Facilities Accountant
Office:  817-257-5301
Email:  s.otey@tcu.edu

Melanie Parker
Procurement Analyst
Office: 817-257-5309
Email: melanie.parker@tcu.edu

Clint Thomas
Director – Asset Management & Technical Services
Office:  817-257-5305
Email:  c.g.thomas@tcu.edu

Jocelyn Waterman
Director – Financial Operations
Office:  817-257-5118
Email:  j.waterman@tcu.edu

James Wilder
Manager – Warehouse
Office:  817-257-4303
Email:  j.wilder@tcu.edu