The following guidelines should be taken into consideration when submitting invoices via email.

Image Resolution:  Whenever possible, documents should be captured at or near a resolution of 300 dpi.

  • Any document captured at a lower resolution will be converted to 300 dpi when received. However, a lower resolution original image will directly impact the converted image quality.
  • Any document captured at a higher resolution will be converted to 300 dpi after received.  As a result, any benefits of the higher resolution will be diminished.

Image Quality:  If the image looks bad or is difficult to read, then it’s likely that the system is unable to extract the content.

  • You should verify that the text on the image is fully legible before sending.  If the image text is illegible or partially illegible, the document should be rescanned. It may be an iterative process to find the appropriate scanner settings that lead to a legible image.

Image Color:  Images should be black and white.

  • While color images can be emailed to us, they will be converted to black and white when received, causing a delay in the process.  We recommend sending us images in black and white to ensure speedy processing.

Supported Attachment Formats:

  •  PDF:  All Adobe PDF files must be created and submitted in black & white.

Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word documents are supported by the system. When conversion occurs (i.e. converting the Word document to “CCIT Group IV” TIFF), the default print settings will be used. If the document uses custom fonts, MS-Office will find a substitute during the conversion process. To avoid losing any content, please use standard fonts for invoice submission.
  • Microsoft Excel: While Microsoft Excel documents are supported, it’s generally not a favorable format for invoice submission. The document conversion process will effectively print the Excel document to a “CCIT Group IV” TIFF file, and printing of Excel files can produce undesirable results.  If you do plan to submit your invoices in an Excel format, please confirm if your format is acceptable by the TCU invoice processing team beforehand. Password protected documents cannot be processed by our system and will be returned for resubmission. Macros cause the conversion process to fail. Avoid submitting invoices containing macros as they will be returned for resubmission.

TIFF Images: There are many different types of TIFF images, but only one type, “CCIT Group IV”, is supported for conversion.  If you’re not sure how to create a CCIT Group IV TIFF image, then DO NOT use TIFF format.

Camera Pictures:  Avoid submitting invoices that were captured via a camera. Such images cannot be processed by the system and will be returned for resubmission

Multiple Attachments per Email:  Our system has been configured to treat each attachment in the email as a separate invoice document.  Please do not attach anything other than invoices when submitting documents.

Mail Server Restrictions: If your mail server has restrictions on email attachments (i.e. size, formats, etc.), these restrictions should be considered when submitting documents via email. (Some mail administrators will set a limit on size of the email; restrict the types of attachments that are permitted, etc.)