How to Request Journal Transfers1484_rdax_250x167

Where do I send my request?

  • Send an email to Sheri Kline
  • Request through the interoffice mail at TCU Box 297011, Attn: Sheri Kline

What do I include with my request?

  • Complete accounting information for both the debit and the credit along with a description to explain why this journal transfer or Accounts Payable correction is necessary.
  • If your request is a correction, please attach the drill down from PeopleSoft in your email.  This is very helpful because it gives our office all of the accounting information to find the transaction.  Please delete the lines in the drill down that do not pertain to the correction.

“I requested that XYZ Invoice be charged to 6340 instead of 6430. I don’t see the correction.”

  • Remember that the Accounts Payable drill down and the AP Voucher Status Report will never change.  A journal entry correction is made to correct errors, and this correction will be found on a Journal Lines Drill down.

“I sent my request to Sheri last month to change the department that is being charged for Telecommunications. Why do I see it wrong again this month?”

  • Remember to call or notify the source of the transactions and let them know about the change.  What happened here is common with many departments that feed information to the general ledger on a recurring basis, such as payroll, printing services, mailing services, etc. We made the correction for last month, but the source creating the transaction was not notified.

Other Helpful Hints:

  • Please refrain from using “to” and “from” – instead use “charge” and “credit”.  The charge/debit is the department that is being charged for the expense, and the credit is the department that is receiving the money.
  • For all journal transfers charging one department and crediting another, the credit side must use account 4900.  Example: Financial Services is buying PeopleSoft training handbooks from the Printing Services department:
    • Debit Account 6365, Fund 11000. Department 22200
    • Credit Account 4900 Fund 11000 Department 23125
  • Expense Recovery Account 4900 Information:
    • Represents cross-charges to other TCU departments for products, materials or services.
    • Used to recover the costs of items acquired for other departments.
    • Should not be used to receipt payments from outside parties for goods or services.
    • Should not be used when TCU is charging Brite Divinity School.
  • Forms that have signature lines or budget stamps for approval must be signed.