Inspyrus software automates invoice processes with GL coding tools, a modern user-experience, best practice workflows, full audit support, and a simpler invoicing process from start to finish – all using a software that integrates with PeopleSoft in real time.

  • 360 visibility of invoice to payment process.
  • Elimination of paper, manual data-entry and associated errors.
  • Validation of invoices in real-time against PeopleSoft to ensure exception-free processing.
  • Streamlined and unified workflows for non-PO invoices, 2/3 way PO invoices, check requests, credit memos, freight invoices, and exception handling.
  • Approval of invoices via email.
  • Enforcement of process standardization.
  • Increased compliance with audit trails.
  • Instant access to information on invoices, payments and suppliers.
  • View invoice images from links in Budget Reports.


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