Policy for Reimbursement for University Related Business Expenses


Texas Christian University reimburses faculty and staff for properly authorized, necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in the conduct of University business or authorized in a budgeted grant or contract. The intent of this policy is to ensure the reimbursement is fair and equitable to both the individual and the University.

Reimbursement Policy:

It is the responsibility of faculty and staff to comply with the University’s reimbursement policy. Personal payments generally should not be made for non-travel business expenses that can be paid directly by the University. Payment for all goods costing more than $500 must be made directly by the University unless an exception for using personal funds exceeding $500 is pre-authorized and documented on the on-line Authorization Form for Personal Payment of Non-Travel Business Purchases. The approved form must be submitted with the employee’s TCU Reimbursement Form. In addition, employees should not pay other individuals or vendors for services performed on behalf of the University. Payments for services must be made directly by the TCU Accounts Payable Department in the Financial Services Office.

Faculty and Staff traveling on business are responsible for complying with the University’s reimbursement policy and should exercise the same care in incurring expenses as they would in personal travel. This policy applies to all expenses fully or partially reimbursed by the University regardless of the source of funds. When expenditures are to be charged to a sponsored project, the terms of the applicable award will take precedence if they are more restrictive than University policy.

While these guidelines are intended to be comprehensive, it is impossible to anticipate every situation that may be encountered. Thus, the individual is expected to apply these policies on a conservative basis, consistent with normal living standards, and where the policy is silent, to exercise good business judgment.

All expenses incurred in the conduct of University business will be reported on the online TCU Reimbursement Form. This form will be filed in the Financial Services Office, with all supporting documentation and receipts, within 30 days of the incurred expense. Faculty participating in summer study abroad programs that are three weeks or longer in duration must submit reimbursement forms and all supporting documentation and receipts within 45 days of the date of their return. The reimbursement form must be personally signed by the individual incurring the expense. Reimbursement forms, like all financial documents and records, are subject to review and approval by the Financial Services Office prior to processing the reimbursement.