Authorized TCU personnel may obtain a university purchase order by completing a TCU purchase requisition. A purchase requisition may be obtained in one of the following ways:

  1. Click here to obtain a requisition form.
  2. Pick up the requisition form in The Harrison, Suite 1403, Hours 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    It may be duplicated. Complete the form, affix the budget codes, secure the budget manager’s signature, and return it to the Financial Services Office via inter-office mail,  or deliver the requisition to SH, Rm. 2010. Many vendors only require a purchase order number, but some require a hard copy. If you need a hard copy of the purchase order, we can return the purchase order to you.
  3. Access the requisition form on-line in Outlook E-Mail.

In Microsoft Outlook, you should initially see (at least) 2 folders, your personal e-mail mailbox, and Public Folders. If you click on the ‘+’ next to Public Folders, more folders will drop down (at least a folder called Favorites and one called All Public Folders). Click on the ‘+’ next to All Public Folders, several more folders will drop down, one should be called Financial Services. Click on that folder to open it and the requisition that has been posted there will appear on the right hand side. Double-click on the file Blank REQUISITION.XLS to open it.

When you open the Requisition file, it will take you to an Excel spreadsheet. From here you can do a File/Save As and save it to the location of your choice on your system. It is designed so that you can just basically fill in the blanks. After filling in your information, you have several options: you may print it out and send us a copy, or you can e-mail it back to our office.

To e-mail it back to us, pull down the File menu and choose Send. This takes you to a page that looks like your regular e-mail (should be your regular e-mail). Simply type in the e-mail address and send. If you are sending it to our office, address it to Accounts Payable. If you require a purchase order, please note that in the e-mail, and when we have a PO number for you, we will note that number on the requisition and send it back to you.