TCU Reimbursement Instructions

All required fields will be outlined in red in the pdf form. Please make sure to always use your employee id instead of your social security number. You will still be required to attach receipts to the completed form for signature approval.

The upper right corner of this form contains buttons that can be used to save and to print the completed form. The ‘Save Form’ button allows you to save draft or completed copies of your form. For example, you can complete part of the form and save the form for completion at a later date. Please note, though, that the ‘Save Form’ function does not save data to be used to pre-populate future reimbursement forms.

The ‘Print Form’ button should be used to print the form after all required fields have been completed. Prior to completion of the form, you can print the form using the print function in your computer’s toolbar. However, the ‘Print Form’ button will not allow you to print the official version of the form with the combination of the TCU logo/watermark and the TCU invoice number in the bottom right corner before the form is properly completed. Only the official version of the form with the TCU logo in the background and the TCU invoice number in the bottom right corner should be submitted for approval. FORMS THAT ARE SUBMITTED WITHOUT THE TCU LOGO AND THE TCU INVOICE NUMBER WON’T BE PROCESSED.


Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro is required to view this form. This form is not compatible with the Apple Safari browser. If you are using a Macintosh to access this form, please use the Mozilla Firefox browser instead of Safari.


If you are experiencing issues with the form, please make sure that the form opens in Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro once it has been downloaded from the TCU Financials Forms website. For help , click here.