Tuition Refund Plan

All undergraduate students enrolled for 12 hours or more are automatically enrolled in the Tuition Refund Plan.  The charge for the plan  is included on the first bill of each fall and spring semester.  The Plan does not cover summer sessions.  Beginning 24 hours after enrollment students who do not wish to participate in the Plan can opt out of the coverage for the entire academic year through the online Waiver Tuition Refund Plan icon at  The deadline for opting out of the Tuition Refund Plan is 5 PM CDT on the 5th class day of each semester.  The charge for the Plan will be removed from the student’s account, and the credit can be seen on the next processed statement.

The Plan is a private insurance plan administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. that complements and enhances the TCU published tuition refund policy.  TCU tuition refunds due to medical withdrawals are not processed outside of the University’s standard refund policy.

Schedule of Benefits

If a student withdrawsTCU RefundsPlan RefundsStudent Receives
On or before5th Class Day 100%0%100%
10th Class Day 75%5%80%
15th Class Day 50%30%80%
20th Class Day 25%55%80%
After the20th Class Day 0%80%80%



80% of the insured term tuition, less any refund or credit due you from TCU, will be refunded provided your physical condition is certified by a licensed physician and forces you to completely withdraw from all classes for the remainder of the term.


80% of the insured term tuition, less any refund or credit due you from TCU, will be refunded provided your medical condition is certified by a licensed physician and you have completely withdrawn from all classes for any condition whose diagnosis is found in the DSM-V Manual.

In both cases, a “complete withdrawal” from TCU is required.  This means that you have given written notice that because of an injury or sickness you will not be able to complete the term and you will not receive any academic credit.  A written statement from your doctor certifying the injury or sickness and TCU verification will be required.


Your protection covers a full fall or spring term from the opening to closing date.  This coverage refunds on a term basis only.  Your premium covers a full fall or spring term.  Coverage ceases on the last day of formal academic instruction by TCU due to any reason.


  • War or any act of war, declared or undeclared
  • The use of any drug, narcotic or agent which is similarly classed or has similar effects (unless prescribed by a doctor)
  • Taking part in a riot
  • Failure to attend classes for any reason other than injury or sickness
  • Suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury or sickness
  • Initiating, taking part, or being active in a nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination


Claim forms with instructions are available by contacting A.W.G.Dewar, Inc.  Claims should be reported within 30 days from occurrence or as soon as it is reasonably possible.  You should arrange for the completion of the claim form.  Benefit payment is made to TCU to be credited to the student’s account.  Benefits not required to settle your account with TCU will be refunded to you.

All Mental Health withdrawals will be classified in accordance with the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual – DSM – V.Tuition Refund Plan

If you have questions about the Tuition Refund Plan, you may contact A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. at (617) 774-1555.


Plan Brochure

Letter to Student and Parents