Wire Transfer Requests13627


Texas Christian University maintains an approval structure to expedite the payment of
University obligations through Wire Transfer, while maintaining checks and balances
over the movement of cash. The intent of the policy is to specify documentation
requirements, process and procedures, for consistency in wire requests.

I. Transactions Eligible for Wire Transfer

a. Transactions in a foreign currency, and US Dollar transactions to a foreign
country, for study abroad programs, pre-paid international travel expenses, and
expenses associated with research to be paid in a foreign currency.

b. All treasury payments for bond or interest payment wires, or annuity wires

c. Other transactions with domestic bank destinations should be submitted to
Accounts Payable for payment by check. (See Section III) The Accounts Payable
Manager (Ali Rattan) will review all supporting documentation and determine if a
domestic payment needs to be paid by wire transfer rather than by check through
Accounts Payable. After the review process is complete, the Accounts Payable
Manager will forward the information for a wire transfer to the Office of the
Assistant Treasurer.
II Wire Policies and Procedures
a. All other international transactions should be directed to the Accounts Payable
Manager in Accounts Payable for payment by international draft.

b. International transactions for travel related expenses should be submitted at least
three (3) weeks prior to the due date or departure date whichever is sooner.

d. Wires to individuals for providing services to TCU must be pre-approved by
Human Resources and Financial Services due to tax implications of paying
individuals in foreign countries.

e. All treasury payments that require wires, such as bond or interest payment wires,
or annuity wires are handled in the Office of the Assistant Treasurer and are not
submitted to Accounts Payable
II. Wire Request Documents

a. To request a Wire Transfer, complete the Wire Request Form on the Financial
Services website under Forms. Include a vendor’s invoice, contract, and submit to
the Accounts Payable Manager.
b. To discuss contract approval routing, call or Matthew Wallis, ext. 5808,
matthew.wallis@tcu.edu Director of Contract Administration, or Missy Krippel,
ext. 5016, Financial Services.
c. Each invoice needs to be budget stamped and approved.
d. Wire Transfers exceeding $1,000 are required to have two approval signatures.
e. Include the currency for international wires.
f. Wire Transfer Requests are submitted to the Accounts Payable Manager in The Harrison, Suite 2102C, who will review the documentation and then forward to the
Assistant Treasurer.

EXCEPTION: If a Wire Transfer request includes a contract signed by the Vice Chancellor for
Finance and Administration the wire transfer request can be sent directly to the Assistant
III. Domestic Wires

Domestic Wires (wires sent within the United States) will be considered only on an
exception basis. If sending a domestic wire, please explain the purpose at the bottom of
the Wire Request Form. Documentation requirements for a domestic wire include an
ABA number; in addition to the requirement is Section II.

a. ABA Number
The American Bank Association (ABA) Routing Number serves to identify the
specific financial institution responsible for the payment of a negotiable
instrument. The ABA number is 9 digits long.

IV. International Wires:

International Wire transfers require a SWIFT code and an IBAN.

a. SWIFT code

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)
provides the network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and
receive information about financial transactions in a secure, standardized and
reliable environment. An example of a SWIFT code for Deutsche Bank is
DEUTDEFF • DEUT identifies Deutsche Bank
• DE is the country code for Germany
• FF is the code for Frankfurt

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standard numbering system
developed to identify bank accounts from around the world. The IBAN starts with
a two-letter country code then up to 32 alphanumeric characters. Generally the
IBAN is inclusive of the vendors account number.

c. Foreign Currency

Specific foreign currency must be included on the wire transfer form. For
example, specify Euros or use the 3 digit code for the currency abbreviation, in
this example, EUR. In the case of dollars also be specific. For example, specify
Hong Kong dollars or HKD, Australian dollars or AUD, or Canadian dollars or

V. Payroll Wires

Payroll wires authorized by Human Resources are repetitive wires set up in template
form by the Assistant Treasurer and approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor and
Controller. They are submitted to Accounts Payable. These Payroll wires are the
only domestic wires not subject to the Wire Request Form.