Master Service Agreements

Working With Existing Master Service Agreements

Master service agreements are contracts negotiated by Contract Administration that have the following characteristics:

  • Master service agreements are no-cost contracts that contain the legal terms and conditions that will govern the transaction (good or service) between the supplier and the University;
  • Master service agreements themselves do not obligate the University to make purchases;
  • Master service agreements always allow any University department from any department/unit/college to order from the agreement;
  • Almost always, the department order is processed by requisitioning a purchase order through a Jaggaer MSA-PO (this is the University‚Äôs preference) and the purchase order incorporates the terms and conditions of the respective master service agreement.

This quick reference guide provides an overview of generating a PO using the MSA-PO form available in Jaggaer. Once an invoice related to an MSA-PO is received follow these next steps. IMPORTANT JAGGAER POs CANNOT BE SUBMITTED THROUGH ANY OTHER METHOD OUTSIDE OF EMAILING

Current Master Service Agreement Supplier List

Developing New Master Service Agreements

If you desire to develop a new master service agreement with Texas Christian University, please contact Contracts Administration.