Frequently Asked Questions

I need a bus.

For any university-sponsored or supported travel where bus transportation is needed, faculty and staff must select a bus company from the Risk Management Approved Bus List. For more information related to bus transportation contracts please click here.

Who can sign a contract?

Only an individual with a written delegation of authority may execute and deliver contracts on behalf of the University. A University contract without an authorized signature may be invalid and unenforceable and assumes personal liability for the contract.

SDA Signature Delegation Authority

I have a technology contract (i.e. hardware, software, cloud/SaaS, web services), what information do I need?

Please work with your IT supplier to answer the IT Contract Standards Questionnaire.  You and/or the supplier may mark as n/a (not applicable) any questions which do not apply to your proposed contract or engagement.  Please contact Josh Harmon if you or the supplier have any questions about this questionnaire.

How do I request access to Jaggaer?

Please visit Jagger Contracts System Access to submit a request for access. For all other questions email .

If I decide to terminate a contract before it expires, do I need to consult anyone before doing so?

Yes. Contact Contract Administration to review termination provisions in advance. This will ensure that the University complies with all contract requirements for termination and avoids liability related to the termination/non-renewal.

What if I can't find my company/supplier/individual?

If you cannot find your company, supplier, or individual in the Second Party Search, please visit the Accounts Payable Jaggaer Resource Page for additional information to create a new supplier.

For all other questions related to suppliers please email .

How will I know the status of my contract?

You are responsible for monitoring your contract within Jaggaer. The below resources have been created to help you monitor your contract.

Navigating Post Contract Request Follow Up

Jaggaer Contract Statuses

Contract Search Reference Document

My second party did not receive a contract to sign?

First, confirm that the email provided for your second party is correct. You can confirm this by going to the eSignature section of your contract. See Navigating Post Contract Request Follow Up for how to confirm eSignature.

If that is not the issue please notify your second party to add to their address book or safe list to ensure they are receiving communication from Adobe Acrobat Sign.

What contract type do I use when creating a contract request in Jaggaer?

How do I approve a contract in Jaggaer?

I am going to be out how do I assign a temporary substitute contract approver?