Endowment Accounting

Endowment accounting involves the tracking, posting, reconciling and reporting on all activity within the University’s endowment investment accounts. This includes a monthly analysis and reconciliation of each investment asset account, posting all monthly gains and income, tracking all capital gifts to the endowment and transferring these gifts to the investment bank, reconciling the monthly unitization system, calculating the annual endowment spending amount and allocating it to each endowment fund, building the endowment budget and reporting endowment income to departments, calculating and processing the quarterly spending amount draws, and preparing an annual review and reconciliation for the financial statements and the annual audit. In addition, ad hoc reporting and analysis is prepared by request.

Note that all investment activity for the endowment is directed by the Chief Investment Officer, Jason Safran, who should be contacted with questions involving investment of these assets.

For questions regarding specific TCU endowment funds, their annual spending amounts and/or reporting concerns, please contact Chris Lawler, Director of Endowment and Gift Accounting, Extension 4875, e-mail: c.lawler@tcu.edu